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Are you

a female leader ready to accelerate to transform companies and society for good?

The world needs you

to create better workplaces

where people can thrive

and be their best Self

without burning out

to create meaningful relations

and successful products & services!


Are you urging for

a flourishing career

where you are seen and appreciated

integrated with your personal desires

and getting well paid for your efforts?


No matter if you are in the corporate world or an entrepreneur, we believe women will have a huge impact in creating a better world.

We support YOU to be your best Self by exploring your true inner compass which will guide you with a strong success mindset to reach your goals.

Know yourself first, before you lead others.

Take action and accelerate.

We @LadiesLead offer brilliant women just like you
who urge to lead change in the world
an innovate solution for growth to give you
courage, clarity & confidence
Explore your unique compass & embrace a success mindset



An innovative 3-months virtual MasterClass which accelerates your female focus to be the most thriving leader on the market.

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MasterMind for female Executives


State-of-the-art, global, virtual & creative

Benefits of our MasterMind ?


Our MasterMind is a 6-months, interactive virtual program that connects smart, effective leadership strategies, best practices and a powerful discussion to support female executives to lead with more influence and impact to drive their company & society.

Whether you are in corporate or a successful entrepreneur – this is your opportunity to step into your fullest leadership potential, learn better to deal with every day challenges and execute at your highest level.


It’s designed to turn your potential and vision into a force for good that fuels higher profits and a more meaningful life for you and others – in sync with all the requirements of the new work environment 4.0

We collaborated with the leading BrillantBest MasterMind group to ensure the a cross functional learning oportunity across all genders. Apply now.

How does the Accelerator works?

This MasterClass program offers a very different frame work as usual trainings to explore how to thrive and succeed in the world today. It is focused on the power of collective intelligence.

This program is virtual, so you can join from all over the world. In each program we only accept a small group of women globally, so we can make sure to target individual case studies, adequate best practices and time for everyone to shine. 

The program includes interactive group coaching sessions, self-learning materials, a closed user group for exchange insights and ask questions and last but not least individual coaching sessions.

This MasterMind is a place you can learn, grow and explore – just like a safe incubator to thrive in our ever changing world.

Connect, Reflect, Create

@ Leadership-Retreats in the hub of innovation

such as Silicon Valley, Stockholm & Berlin


San Francisco Bay, August 2019

Let us

inspire & guide you

in your corporation

Even today women are still unequally paid and fewer promoted; even we know that companies with a balanced gender employment and more women in crucial leadership roles perform better.

As a decision maker in the corporate setting take a stand. Support women to be their strongest self and not fall through the crack after the first years in business. You are in charge to create your companies sustainable future!

Let's have a conversation how your female leaders thrive long-term!

And book our trailblazer founder Eve Simon for an inspirational key-note for your next event.

Be Part of Ladies Lead

Eve, igniter of LadiesLead, experienced herself as a leader the challenges in a demanding and every changing world.


As a manager in the corporate world for more than a decade and running her own boutique consulting firm since 2005, she is convinced that her success is centered around resilience and a focused Mindset through Self-Leadership.

Eve's passion is to support women to express themselves authentically and strong. Her expertise and global network inspires women since 2005 to lead, start or grow businesses in a way that integrates feminine values in equality with the masculine characteristics.

The world especially today needs women who have a strong voice and take a stand in shaping the future of how we work and the future evolves – so everyone can thrive without burning out.

Ladies Lead is a global Initiative, located in Düsseldorf, Germany and Silicon Valley, California.

Are you ready to take a stand and change the world for good?


Without our global mentor and sponsor we couldn't run these programs for such low fees.

Become involved and support our initiative.

Only together we can shape the future for good.

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What clients say

"I worked with Eve at the Conscious Business Center, SF. Eve’s passion, care and responsible delivery brought a significant value. Eve is a solid professional and acted as a dedicated team player and innovative thinker. She puts heart and soul in addition to professional care into her engagement. You are lucky if you have Eve on your team."


Natalie Zeituny

Tel Aviv

"Since 2006 I gain from events and programs offered by this great initiative. Eve is a wonderful and inspirational coach. Her unique approach is based on her extensive knowledge, as well as her intuition. Her down to earth German style combined with the California creative spirit produces wonderful results in a short time."

Dr. Katharina Johnson



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