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Passionatly we are building tailored programs to decrease gender disparity, encourage women to start and lead businesses to fill the gap of female leaders in mid-management and boards.


A profitable approach for corporations and the overall good of society and the globe can only take place with women who take a stand.


We are excited to start a conversation.

Why gender equality?


Hilary Clinton states 'Women are the world's most underused resource', Arianna Huffington describes in her new book 'Thrive' a 'third metric to redefine success' and Sheryl Sandberg (COO Facebook) asks women to 'lean in' - we see clearly the signs to shift our society to an equal and more sustainable approach of action, possibilities and responsibilities.


Diversity, no matter associated with gender discussion, cultural complexity or generational differences - a healthy collective is the soil for growth.


Eve is asking women of the world: "Ladies, find YOUR place to stand, where you thrive, passionately live your strengths and purpose and define your approach of success -  take the leap and lead!"


Only when we share our responsibility between every individual, government and entity, we will succeed and create a work environment where everyone will thrive and great new products and services will be developed and brought to market.


We are passionate to wake the spirit of a new corporate culture.

OUR in-house Programs


We offer our Accelerator program also to corporate in-house groups, integrating their unique challenges, values and goals


'The Art of Start' is a firework of inspirations and insights based on a 'preneurial Silicon Valley Spirit' to inspire women to take the lead


Consulting, Coaching and Learning-Journeys

Our high-end, out of the box and cutting-edge services help companies to bridge the gap



to create a thriving work-places

Only with your help we are able to offer this unique accelerator – to increase women’s confidence to lead their teams, divisions and companies to new heights.


Various sponsorship levels are available, all are important to help Ladies Lead achieve its goals.

What's in for you?

  • Creative options to develop and retain your talent

  • Present yourself as a leader in equality and inclusion

  • Expand your talent – tap into our network

  • Gain visibility with your brand

  • Being recognized as an agent of change and a champion of women in leadership

  • fuel your innovation and acquisition channel


As many studies have shown, having women in leadership positions is crucial for the success of businesses.


Many studies proof this fact, such as the McKinsey study “women matter”. Never the less, we still miss female leaders in top positions and in the 'pipeline', as the catalyst reports.

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