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About Us

From Düsseldorf to San Francisco

we inspire women to take the leap and lead.

"The world will be changed by the western women"

(Dalai Lama)


Go for what you deeply desire.

Be who you like to be.

Write your story new. Learn from others.

Embrace the Silicon Valley winner mindset.

Let your fire shine without burning out.


We@LadiesLead thrive to empower women to step into their strength and lead.


We are here to support you on your path to create the career you want. To empower you as your cheerleader, challenge you when needed and inspire you along the way.


Find Your Voice.

Succeed where you put your heart &  mind to.

Be a change maker!

Join the tribe

Are you ...

a woman, ready for more?

Thriving for a new definition of success.


Want to climb the corporate ladder or start your own business?


Urging to balance career with friends, family and leisure?


Looking to uplift your voice and make a difference in the world?


You are at the right place!

Our Story

We have been there; a career is not always easy in the midst of everyday requirements.


But we found a way - collective - and we are passionate about passing on our knowledge.


We connect Germany and the hubs of innovation, such as

Silicon Valley or Stockholm.


We live diversity & inclusion in our faculty & programs.


And we believe what goes around, comes around.


Our Accelerator, MatsreMind & Retreats are for female start-up leaders as well as ambitious women in corporate

in Germany & world wide.


Our focus


YOUR unique Compass


a winner MINDSET


We build on a cutting-edge method and create spaces of experiences.


Our uniqueness: The connection to the hubs of innovation

Our Compass Method

Your Fokus

If you succeed or not is at the end a question of your mindset. How well you lead yourself and others is related to knowing yourself.

We@Ladies Lead focus on these two crucial subjects to define your strong foundation so you will sustainable create the success you desire and the impact you like to have in this world.

Our programs are lab-style, fun and creative and not boring old training style. We integrate methods such as Design Thinking, Lean and Mindfulness.

We were lucky to study with some amazing thought leaders such as Chip Conley (AirBnB), Ariana Huftington (Huftington Post), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook/LeanIn), Marc Bienhoff (Salesforce), Raj Sodia (Conscious Capitalism), Mark Lesser (Search Inside Yourself Institute), Gay Kawasaki (Garage Technology Investment) and many more. We are eager to share this wisdom with you.


Our offer is in German and English.

Eve & her team

Reflect. Create. Thrive.

German by nature, Californian by heart - that promises an unusual approach in all she does - Eve Simon, Founder of Ladies Lead.


With a global perspective Eve brings in new impulses, creative ideas and urges for a collective and sustainable new work approach.


With a deep knowledge and expertise in Marketing, Communications, Business Development, Innovation, Leadership and Personal & Cultural Growth she merges different viewpoints into new solutions.

She holds a Master degree from Switzerland besides various other certifications; leading divisions in corporate for 14 years and runs her boutique consulting firm InspirationWithoutBorders since 2005.

Eve collaborates with leading consultancies such as Oxford Leadership or the Institute of Applied Creativity (IAK) as well as top consultants and thought-leaders such as Achim Nowak.


She calls for action to create the future under a new paradigm: well-being for all - people, business and the planet.

Afew of our mentors
Dr. Katharina Johnson

Dr. Katharina Johnson

European MD, Medical Intuitive

Graz, Austria


Lasse Wrennmark

Lasse Wrennmark

Partner at Oxford Leadership

Stockholm, Sweden


Anjali Sawhney

Anjali Sawhney

Former Director at Charles Schwab

Somatic Coach & Activist

Tiburon, California


Florian Brody


Fortune 500 to Start-ups

Since many years Eve and her colleagues work with professionals and executives in various industries in the field of leadership development, culture change, communications and talent development.

Are you also interested in changing your culture through a diversity & inclusion campaign?

We look forward to the conversation.

Bayer               IBM                EON           Maersk

          Brose            Currenta         E-Plus          Dorint smart source it               Vaillant          Lufthansa         Novartis                 EcoLab

and many more


Eve is definitely an inspiring Coach & Consultant. With her encouraging voice and attentive ear she is able to "catch" what is important and brings it out to the surface in order to create positive outcomes that result in an extraordinary motivation. Eve's knowledge of the human mind as well as her experience as an entrepreneur and executive are an added value as she is able to bring forth perspectives from all the various fields. Her presence serves the process and the development of the client. Her patience and delicacy, as well as her accountability are used in the right moments thanks to her sensibility and interpersonal connection. My results from working with Eve are wonderful, and therefore I completely encourage entrepreneurs & leaders to work with her and engage a mind-opening and enlightening experience of "self power".


—  Barbara Canal, Barcelona/Spain

We would be thrilled if you like to write about our initiative, our model and insights. Or our fabulous leader and entrepreneurs who positively change the work place and society.

Please don't hesitate and let us know what you need. We are happy to provide all information or images which are helpful to your work.

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