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Join the female trailblazer


to thrive in life & business with impact

 "People push themselves into express trains, but they do not know at all where they want to go. Afterwards, they get upset and turn around in circles."

de Saint-Exupéry

This Mastermind Group is for you if you are:


A female Leader in a Global Corporation or a thriving Entrepreneur running a rapidly growing start-up.

Ready to step into the qualities of a conscious leader of the future.

Longing to use your vision and female power to accelerate business impact for a greater good.

Eager to optimize your talents by assertively supporting, and being supported by, exceptional peers who serve at your level.


Starts: Fall 2019



Are you curious what a MasterMind even is? Check out this video


Next to your relevant topics

Each 3-hour Mastermind Session includes a 15-minute Laser Teaching Session on a pivotal Leadership Skill

1. Claiming purpose as the key success ingredient

2. Building a community of trust

3. Managing conflict and emotions

4. Fostering agile ecosystems with an extraordinary team spirit

5. Creating innovative and collaborative solutions

6. Enhancing personal effectiveness & well-being


Interested? Click below to apply for the F-Group today.

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