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Change Maker Journey

​This ’little bit different‘ retreat to the hubs of Innovation such as Silicon Valley will inspire you to face every day challenges of today to create positive impact in the world - strong, focused, energized, passionate and joyful.

It‘s a ’Journey within‘ - inspired by the hubs of innovation. 

Ignite your greatest Self


Leave your comfort-zone and travel with us to the hubs of innovative

- such as Silicon Valley, Stockholm or Austin  -

to explore what is deep within you waiting to become alive.

During these 4-6 days you will find your focus

- through radical self-awareness and inspiring best practice solutions

to be strong in body and mind to follow your passionate heart.

April 2018

Thursday,19th - Sunday,22nd


During our journeys we will hike and reflect in nature.

Hotspots Ecosystems

We will meet female leaders at the hottest ecosystems in town.


Corporate executives give us insights into the dynamic of tomorrow


Several network events or conferences inspire new ways of thinking and action

Super sepcial: Austin

Austin will be awesome again. Promised! Build on visiting SXSW, this journey is a firework on transformation and new trends.
Not to be missed. Join us March 2020
A UNIQUE journey
for women who like to thrive in life & biz

These Retreats will inspire you to reflect, plan and create what you deeply desire to be a great global LEADER and change maker - without burning out.

The Combination is unique!

  • Radical Self-Exploration and Self-Reflection in nature

  • Hot Spots and cutting-edge Ecosystems will set new impulses

  • Network events and a corporate visit will inspire your path

Deep conversations with female professionals 

will create a Board of Excellence for the future.

Who will join us?


Summarized: Women who want change!


Whether you are an employee, manager or lead your own business, this journey is for YOU to get focused and inspired to be your most thriving Self. 


Are you ready to create a different and more meaningful life for you and others?


Then join us to accelerate without burning out.

Our retreat format is out of the box.  It combines structure with creativity, exploration and rejuvenation – just like a lab.

Workshop - Networking - Retreat

Know your WHY

Explore your individual core and ’north star‘. By knowing about your Purpose and Passions as well as what is holding you back, you always find your true path to thrive, even when life gets challenging.

A unique combination

Rejuvenation: Spectacular scenery across mountains, woods or the ocean will give you space to detox from ongoing demands.


Inspiration: You will refocus through a firework of conversations with the most creative and successful spirits.


Action:  A success mindset will drive your progress to create the highest impact you envision – for you, your organization or the initiative you are leading to change the world for good.


This journey will be a unique time for personal and professional (re)focusing – a modern pilgrimage to courageous impact.


  • Explore what is possible

  • Unleash your strength and full potential

  • Write enthusiastic your next chapter

  • Discover your inner compass

  • Release blocks

  • Develop a success mindset

  • Learn from the best

  • Connect with innovators

  • Learn valuable mindfulness practices to stay sane in our everyday chaos

  • Hiking, dancing or art will make your body & mind extend

  • Inspiring, challenging and caring conversations open a new horizon

  • Learn New Work skills such as Design Thinking for future solutions

  • We will entice you out of your comfort zone

Jeah! I would love to join

1. Please send us an email to apply

2. We follow up with a confirmation and conversation


3. And than the journey can begin in connecting with the group,

making plans for shared accommodation and transfer and enjoy the first sparks from our side.



To accommodate all individual perspectives and needs we keep the group small.

Sign-up fast as space is limited - max 7 participants.

Journey fee

always includes:

Intake & Follow-up Calls

'journey guidance' and study material

Network programs (fun included)

Healthy snacks & drinks during the day

Shared accommodation

fee depends on the location and length
(usually between 3.500,- to 5.900,- Euro)

Funding should never be in the way. If you are a change maker, we want you on these journey. Speak to us and we'll find a solution.


VAT / Flight / Transfer costs occur additional on participants responsibility.

A bit more about the journey 'within'

Since 2007 we are offering corporate innovation journey's to hot-spots around the world such as Silicon Valley or Stockholm. Each journey is unique and individually designed.


And so is our LadiesLead Self-Leadership Retreat which is only for a  group of max 7 international women and offered once a year as an open retreat. (Main language is English)


It will combine the benefits of rejuvenation and stretching the mind. A very different framework to explore how to thrive and succeed in the world today.


Through deep introspection and self discovery you will identify your patterns and blocks, your unique gifts and values and what gives you meaning in life to create a powerful vision.


You will leave this journey with a bag full of inspiration, a deep knowledge about your inner compass and a vision to thrive.


And last but not least with a powerful network of peaceful warriors who  help you to stay focused on your path to create much needed positive impact in the world.

We know you are unique and that you have an amazing vision within waiting to become alive.

❑ Tap into an uncovered landscape to ignite all your strengths

❑ Learn how to make decisions aligned with your purpose and values

❑ Learn valuable practices to re-center when life gets challenging

❑ Have fun, relax and enjoy the rebirth of your hidden dreams

… to write a new and fulfilling chapter in your life.


This journey draws upon evolutionary practices, leadership development techniques combined with art, somatic exercises and mindfulness.


We will nurture our soul in nature, bath in the excitement of the city 

and ignite new ways of thinking by meeting great locals.

Enjoy the ride with us:

Eve Simon, Founder of LadiesLead and her network of fabulous global mentors

Corporate Journey

Explore the dynamic and pulsing hub of innovation - Silicon Valley & San Francisco. Expand your horizon and deepen your learning to stay agile in an ever changing world. Learn from the best in this field.

Since 2007 we offer customized 'expeditions' to the San Francisco Bay Area - for talents, innovators and top leadership. As top consultants we not just 'sightseeing', the Valley, we incorporate action planing and reflection to loop the learning back home for the greatest outcome.

Visit hot spots, co-working spaces, incubator, educator and companies in the Valley. Meet with corporate leaders and start-ups who live the (entre)'preneurial spirit and a lean success mindset.

“When we travel, we expand, we open up to create a new path. The secret is to deepen this experience and take it home with us.  It's a powerful investment in your journey to a new destiny to thrive in life & business."

(Eve Simon)

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